Today I want to show you some casual beach outfits that I usually wear on the beach. Whenever I go to the beach I never try to go out in swimwear. I always like to dress appropriately, because sometimes before the beach I go to drink coffee or talk to a friend.

It is impermissible to go to drink something in bar only in swimwear, of course not if you are looking good and if you are in shape.

Every day, when I am going on the beach I always try to dress something new & different. I get dressed the way I feel that day, since it's summer, I always feel good.

Indispensable clothing items this summer were certainly hat / sunglasses / backpack / t-shirt / swimsuit / flip flops.

This summer I decided to buy swimwear in Tezenis, match it with a Ibiza T-shirt from Terranova and complete it with Nike flip flops. It was a dark-blue combination.

I combined the light-blue combination with a swimsuit from H&M, a T-shirt from Terranova and a flip flops from H&M.

H&M and Terranova are special summer brands that offer a large range of summer T-shirts & all clothing items. I like to buy summer things out there, because they offer many interesting things, especially t-shirts with inscriptions.

Make sure that you always dress according to your age and what makes you feel comfortable. Be different, and be you!

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