If you want to spend a quiet weekend, far away from everything and everyone, and relax a bit after a hard week, ECOPARK KRAŠOGRAD is the ideal place for you.

Only half an hour drive from the capital city of Croatia, you can find the Ecopark Krašograd. Ecopark Krašograd is located in Bratina, which administratively belongs to Pisarovina municipality. The park itself stretches over around 400 hectares, thus offering its visitors a great deal of content, both for children and adults.

Ecopark offers children's excursions, jogging and educational fun games for the youngest ones. Krašograd is also an ideal place to celebrate a child's birthday. They offer a large number of activities such as rope withdrawal, jumping in bags, jumping on a trampoline and others. 

For recreational enthusiasts, there are football and volleyball courts as well as a tennis court. Since the park is an ecopark, it would be bad to miss seeing all the animals who live there. When I saw does that were just a few feet away from me, I could not believe it. I've never had an opportunity to be so close to them.

The restaurant is refreshed every year and offers seasonal meals. Restaurant The hostess is suitable for organizing wedding ceremonies, various business and family celebrations, promotions, baptisms and occasional dinners and banquets. In the apartment section of Ecopark, there is a possibility of accommodation.

I found out that for those romantic souls there is a studio suite called Sweet Secret, because everything that happens there, stays a little secret ;). Since the park is called Krašograd, I knew that we would have the opportunity to taste some delicacies and that all the houses and bungalows will carry the names of the finestes and most famous treats that Kraš does.

I was thrilled the most by the small hilltop house with a beautiful view of the whole ecopark. Unsustainable nature and the escape of reality will indeed have a special impact on all of you.

It is interesting that animals, that undisturbedly walk through the whole ecopark, are quiet. I thought that some duck will attack me.

As we walked by the lake, one duck was so calm that I thought it was a statue. When I got closer, the duck jumped into the lake.

If you really want to get away from it all and for a moment be alone with some special person, Ecopark Krašograd is the ideal place for you. Spend your afternoon on this trip, rest, enjoy and forget about everything. Visit Ecopark Krašograd and believe me, you will not regret it. I didn't.

Enjoy your week.

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