“Gianni, this is for you!”

This collection was part homage to the brother whose creative estate Donatella oversees and nurtures. It was also a pragmatic rewriting of his codes for a new generation of consumers who post-date them. The opening section of chalk-stripe suits and short suits not only recalled Gianni’s original disassembly of executive wear but also featured a jacket shape very similar to his. This one was freshened by the insertion of panels of jumbled secondary stripe—or elevated by the replacement of stripe altogether, with fine metal chain stitched through the fabric. The bound-to-be-bought logo T-shirts in the Miami shades of dusty pink and blue, plus the logo pins on a jacket and a work coat, were drawn from the late ’80s. The two prints, one reading “Opera Balletic Teatro Cinema” and the other some pretty, plump putti, were both from the archive but—at least according to another source in the Donatella-less backstage afterward—never before used. These were, of course, featured in shirting but also patched onto denim or retooled as the fabric for quilted bomber jackets. And oh, that gold Lurex tracksuit.

The collection was accompanied by a special womenswear capsule designed entirely to complement the men’s, separate to Resort. It featured some awesome pieces and, like the seldom-seen-again womenswear that often accompanies Prada menswear, seemed to merit a meaningful retail platform. The black headbands worn by each girl were taken from Gianni’s last-ever couture show.

This collection wasn’t entirely retrospective. A few drawstring-gathered tracksuit pieces and the zipped two-tone sneakers were among the forward-facers here. Overwhelmingly, though, this was a collection that looked back but stayed present—and that should attract future Versace-curious customers to the house of Medusa.

Versace Spring Summer 2018 Men's Fashion Show



Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

I like the cold, I love autumn, leaves, peaceful nature & so good clothing items that suggest that autumn is in front of the door.

Brown, green & black are all autumn colors. You have to choose smart enough to fit all in such a good styling. And no, I'm not saying that because I'm looking good right now, cuz I know that colors coincide good with each other.

I recently bought t-shirt, jacket & pants in H&M, I really love H&M, offers a great deal of what I'm currently looking for and want to wear. The sneakers are from Deichmann & glasses are from Zara.

What do you think about this autumn look? I fell in love!

Until the next occurrence your M 😉 


Hi guys,

Autumn is coming, and with it new interesting clothing items. Over the next few weeks I will try to show you some special colors and outfits.

I have always been someone who like to experiment with my fashion, the below men`s jogging top from House was definitely something new for me. I was in shopping one day, the shopping was really quick for me, I was 2 hours in mall and saw so many new things.

After 2 hours of debating with myself, I decided to buy it & complete the overall look with light brown trousers from New Yorker & favourite Timberland boots.

Tell me what you think about this look, you can leave a comment below or send me private mail. 

Your M

Product Links – Trousers – New Yorker / Men`s jogging top – House / Boots – Timberland  


Hi everyone,

I know that is last day of September but I want to show you some summer outfits that I wore this year on my holiday. I always fall in love with every piece of clothing over and over again. I am always trying to wear something comfortable and different then others. Wear what you love, not what other people maybe like or not!

Shift the boundaries, be different and believe in your fashion instinct. Every piece of goods is connected with reason, and at the very end is a very important result. Adding some final details to your look can make it really better.

Hope you like the outfits please find product link below.

T-shirts - Terranova, Zara / Short pants - H&M / Sneakers - Pull&Bear, Deichmann

Your M 


Today I want to show you some casual beach outfits that I usually wear on the beach. Whenever I go to the beach I never try to go out in swimwear. I always like to dress appropriately, because sometimes before the beach I go to drink coffee or talk to a friend.

It is impermissible to go to drink something in bar only in swimwear, of course not if you are looking good and if you are in shape.

Every day, when I am going on the beach I always try to dress something new & different. I get dressed the way I feel that day, since it's summer, I always feel good.

Indispensable clothing items this summer were certainly hat / sunglasses / backpack / t-shirt / swimsuit / flip flops.

This summer I decided to buy swimwear in Tezenis, match it with a Ibiza T-shirt from Terranova and complete it with Nike flip flops. It was a dark-blue combination.

I combined the light-blue combination with a swimsuit from H&M, a T-shirt from Terranova and a flip flops from H&M.

H&M and Terranova are special summer brands that offer a large range of summer T-shirts & all clothing items. I like to buy summer things out there, because they offer many interesting things, especially t-shirts with inscriptions.

Make sure that you always dress according to your age and what makes you feel comfortable. Be different, and be you!

  Your M

Guys don’t be skeptical!

Today I wanted to show you one of the outfits that I recently fell in love with. It took me only a few minutes to decide what to wear, which means I'm progressing and getting better and better. I´ve become more critical about myself and I've been more careful with choosing what to wear. The sleeveless t-shirt from Zara and a thin summer t-shirt for late evening hours, are the perfect combination for this summer. Also, this jacket from H&M fits perfectly into this outfit. Don´t be skeptical about this color. It can be perfectly combined with gray or some other color.

Hope you like the outfit and you can find all the product links down below.

Your M 

The sleeveless t-shirt - Zara

Thin summer t-shirt - H&M

Trousers - New Yorker

Sneakers - Deichmann

Jacket - Divided | H&M

#ootd | BE YOURSELF |

In this post, I would like to talk about how everyone needs to listen to their heart and to do what makes them happy. We all agree that fashion is an important part of our lives, sometimes it shows exactly who we are, and sometimes it hides everything; it shows who we are in front of our friends and enemies. They don´t say in vain that we need to dress each day as if we were about to meet our worst enemy.
Today's stereotypes and the opinions, often destroy our self-confidence and try to impose something that most people like, emphasis on most. Listen to your heart, do what you love, even though sometimes it's destroying you, catching you, plucking or tearing you from all the sides. But believe me, sometimes it has to be like that, fashion has its own ways.
I've never heard that everyone will try to change who you are. Buy what you like, not what they like, after all, you've spent your money on it, not they. Also, dress up according to your age, do not wear things that do not look good on you, make a smart choice. If a society does not accept your clothing combination, it does not accept you as you are. Be honest, tell what you think, whether people disagree or not. After all, why would we adapt to what the most think when we were born to stand out.
Spend your money smartly, it´s not all in the labeling and how much does it worth, there are a lot of cheap things that look more fashionably than the expensive ones. I've always been sorry for those who are screaming and praising, and think that they are not complaining. It is important that you combine it and present it to others in the right way, so they can extract what they like without even asking you for an advice. If you are not sure, ask what you are interested in, but also do not hesitate to pinpoint something. We are not all born equal. If everyone liked the same things, fashion itself would not be interesting. Always be you, express your personality, have faith in yourself, do not go out on the streets to look for someone to copy. Be yourself and start your own style.

Your M 



Product link: Sunglasses - Zara / T-shirt - New Yorker / Jacket - PULL&BEAR / Bracelets - H&M / Trousers - New Yorker  / Sneakers - PULL&BEAR / Backpack - Helix Outdoor Reaction  (This is only sold in store)

Today's look includes some new pieces that I've found for myself at Westgate Shopping City. Last week I was casually strolling around some stores with my cousin and stumbled across this jacket that I immediately fell in love with. Usually, when I visit that shopping center, I always buy something. I just can´t help it. I always find something new that inspires me and that I could include in my outfit. So I bought each piece of clothing separately and decided to combine it in this way. Recently, since I started writing my blog, I often go to see what's new in the shopping center.

Hope you like the outfit and how I’ve paired it up, I’ve put the product links below for you. Have a great start of the week.

Your M