Guys don’t be skeptical!

Today I wanted to show you one of the outfits that I recently fell in love with. It took me only a few minutes to decide what to wear, which means I'm progressing and getting better and better. I´ve become more critical about myself and I've been more careful with choosing what to wear. The sleeveless t-shirt from Zara and a thin summer t-shirt for late evening hours, are the perfect combination for this summer. Also, this jacket from H&M fits perfectly into this outfit. Don´t be skeptical about this color. It can be perfectly combined with gray or some other color.

Hope you like the outfit and you can find all the product links down below.

Your M 

The sleeveless t-shirt - Zara

Thin summer t-shirt - H&M

Trousers - New Yorker

Sneakers - Deichmann

Jacket - Divided | H&M

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