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In this post I wanted to talk about the things I carry in my gym bag; what I use and wear while working out, what I use for skin care and other.


One of the essentials is, of course, a comfortable sports t-shirt (try avoiding shirts made out of cotton because you sweat more in them). Also, you need shorts that you will be using only for gym. I recommend H&M, because it is a place where you can find good, comfortable and fashionable clothes for gym.

T-shirt - H&M / Shorts - H&M 


Most of the people don’t use them, but I definitely recommend them, mostly because of your own hygiene, but also because of the hygiene of others. You always sweat while working out and a towel is more than necessary. Lacoste has one of the best cotton towels, I use them on daily bases and I am very satisfied.

Towels - Lacoste 


It is normal to shower after gym (of course, if you have enough time and are not in a hurry). I usually don’t shower in the gym because it is one of the most popular places to get fungus. The gym is not far away from my home, so I prefer showering at home. If you shower in your gym, I recommend that you use flip-flops. It’s not stupid and it’s not useless. Your health and your safety are number one priority. I use this shower gel with argan oil that you can find in your closest DM. It is very smooth on your skin and also hydrating.

Shower gel - Ziaja 


After your w.o., use a deodorant in stick or a regular one, but with 0% of alcohol. I recommend those in stick because they help with sweating, while others just cover the smell. If you use face masks, it is the best to put them after you shower. It cleans your skin, prevents black heads and dryness. You can find all of these products in your DM too.

Deodorant, peeling & face mask - DM 


I always have my water bottle with me because it is also one of the essentials for your gym bag. If you don’t have a special bottle, you can use the simple ones, just be careful in the gym. Also, I take proteins after my w.o., so I always have my shaker with me. All of these bottles can be found in one of the best sport stores, the well known Polleo sport.

Bottle & Shaker - Polleo sport 


Comfortable sneakers and cotton socks are the things you can not go to gym without. It’s not good to w.o. in the sneakers in which you go out, or play soccer. I bought these sneakers in Deichmann and they are really good. Also, never wear ankle socks! Your socks should be made out of cotton and high. You have to feel safe in your shoes and socks so you can exercise properly. I bought these socks in Pitta Rosso in the WG shopping city.

Sneakers - Deichmann / Socks - Pitta Rosso 


Not everyone uses gloves in the gym. There is really no rule, if you don’t have blisters and it’s not difficult to w.o. without them, don’t use them. I find them necessary, because after every w.o. I get blisters. These ones are bought in the Nike store, and do not cost a lot of money. #punokosta

Gloves - Nike 


And, of course, a bag where you put everything. I don’t always carry all of the things above in my bag, it all depends on how much time do I have. This is a bag from Lonsdale London. It is very practical and you can put a lot of stuff in it.

Bag - Lonsdale London 

I hope you liked this post, you can write down below in the comment section what you carry in your gym bag and what more would you recommend to me.

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