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In this post, I would like to talk about how everyone needs to listen to their heart and to do what makes them happy. We all agree that fashion is an important part of our lives, sometimes it shows exactly who we are, and sometimes it hides everything; it shows who we are in front of our friends and enemies. They don´t say in vain that we need to dress each day as if we were about to meet our worst enemy.
Today's stereotypes and the opinions, often destroy our self-confidence and try to impose something that most people like, emphasis on most. Listen to your heart, do what you love, even though sometimes it's destroying you, catching you, plucking or tearing you from all the sides. But believe me, sometimes it has to be like that, fashion has its own ways.
I've never heard that everyone will try to change who you are. Buy what you like, not what they like, after all, you've spent your money on it, not they. Also, dress up according to your age, do not wear things that do not look good on you, make a smart choice. If a society does not accept your clothing combination, it does not accept you as you are. Be honest, tell what you think, whether people disagree or not. After all, why would we adapt to what the most think when we were born to stand out.
Spend your money smartly, it´s not all in the labeling and how much does it worth, there are a lot of cheap things that look more fashionably than the expensive ones. I've always been sorry for those who are screaming and praising, and think that they are not complaining. It is important that you combine it and present it to others in the right way, so they can extract what they like without even asking you for an advice. If you are not sure, ask what you are interested in, but also do not hesitate to pinpoint something. We are not all born equal. If everyone liked the same things, fashion itself would not be interesting. Always be you, express your personality, have faith in yourself, do not go out on the streets to look for someone to copy. Be yourself and start your own style.

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